Tutorial How to Incorporate language in Firmware with Nokia Editor V0.2

After waiting a long, CFW C6 Beta version for 5230 finally emerged from PNHT.org jg, but FWnya still a language, namely English. So I love aja dech tutorial for insert / add language to the CFW that may want to include other foreign languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese etc..Fairly long tutorial anyway, so since many who nyari gara gara C6nya CFW only one language. But for those who have advanced tooling utek CFW, skip this tutorial aja okay:)

Get to the scene. This is a short tutorial on how to import files using the language of NFE V0.2. 

– download in language that would add the (Indonesian language download  HERE  ) 
STEP 2 – make sure NFE run anti virus on the computer was deactivated because it is often detected as viruz STEP 3 – click open files on NFE – select a file rofs2 who want to add the language in – click repack (see picture) -click tools-language manager-import/export language – click import (find files in the language wants to add the)

Mobile Phones Prices & Specifications

– Ntar automatically entered by itself (see picture / click to enlarge)

 Export.kemudian-click the remaining files in the folder PRIVATE & RESOURCE on input manually 
  by pulling corresponding folders on the go (picture)



  rofs2 ready in flashing

Thanks for PNHT 

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